School Events/ Function

Innovative celebrates all the national & religious festivals at school. It helps them to understand our Indian culture and rituals and develop liking towards our tradition. Celebrations in Innovative School have become an integral part of joyful learning, community building and thought provoking process. Children are exposed to the essence of festival through stories, music, dance, food, competition, discussion & variety of hands on activity. Each festival that is celebrated in our country is also associated with a story from the Ved-Puran that gives an insight into deeper spiritual significance of every festival. Along with other festivities, national festivals are also celebrated with same enthusiasm & fervour.

Celebrating festivals from diverse religions also promotes communal harmony & also leads to effective socialization. Also, along with festival celebration, number of events are celebrated in the school academic year like; Annual Day, Sports Day, Exhibition, Picnics & Excursion.


Annual Function

Religious Events/Functions

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